Continuity of IT systems is one of the basic elements, necessary for the functioning and development of each business.That’s why it is necessary to ensure adequate IT service. However,it is difficult and expensive to employ your own staff. The alternative way is to outsource IT services - to the specialized company like SERV4B Sp. z o.o.


It is hard to find a person who will have appropriate knowledge and skills.

Even if the recruitment results turn out to be positive, the costs of employment such a person are not low. They include:

  • the cost of the employee's salary, including all taxes,
  • the cost of providing a suitable workplace,
  • the cost of trainings,
  • overtime costs
  • the cost of substitute (in case of sick leave or accident)


The company’s offer includes a wide range of services for Small Business companies as well as Enterprise companies.

We offer:

  • implementation of integrated ERP systems for enterprise management

  • IT audit

  • incidental support

  • support for a certain period of time (based on the agreement).

  • outsourcing of IT processes

  • human resources outsourcing within provision of IT services.

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